Shaping Public Perception About Your Brand

Reputation management is the effort to influence what and how people think of your brand.

Why is it important?

Everyday people review your business online on google, Facebook and other digital platforms. Hence, what a person says about your brand online can have a negative or positive influence on how others might perceive it. Bad ratings give it a negative outlook and vice-versa.
Reputation management can benefit all types and sizes of businesses, not just the ones with a bad rep.

“It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it,” American business magnate Warren Buffet once said.
This perfectly describes how fragile a business’ reputation is. It’s particularly true in today’s age, when consumers make purchase decisions based on reputation, more so than on traditional advertising and sales messages.


The importance of reputation management is irrefutable. Here are some reasons that would clearly tell why your business should take reputation management seriously. They are:

  1. Better SEO Ranking – Online reviews can create a huge impact on SEO. It’s because search engine algorithms know it very well that customers place a lot of stress on the online reviews of your company when making a decision. Hence, your business SEO ranking will increase in a big way through good reputation management.


  2. Increasing Customer Trust & Credibility – Online reviews are not all about pleasing the algorithm. It’s also about the way people identify your brand. When customers trust online reviews, it increases their trust in your brand. Reputation management is also essential for the survival of your brand.


  3. Higher Revenues – When customers make use of trust in order to differentiate your business from your competitors, it effectively conveys that your brand is reliable. When your brand is considered to be reliable, it helps to increase sales.


  4. Professional Image – Having a successful corporate image is a very important marketing tool for your company. Very often potential customers often try and learn about a company through its online reputation and hence it is of utmost importance that your company has a solid professional image online.


Let’s look at some statistics which show just how important Reputation Management is –

  • 78 percent of consumers say that seeing management respond to online reviews makes them believe that the business cares more about them.
  • 64 percent of consumers trust search engine results the most.
  • 94% of customers say that online reviews have convinced them to avoid a business.

How we ensure that your brand reputation is always taken care of – 

  1.  Create A Presence On Any And All Relevant Web Properties – We first ensure that your company has a presence in all the relevant web properties such as Facebook, Instagram, Google & Twitter to name a few. For example, for a business selling visually-oriented products, we ensure that an instagram account is created.
  2. Running of Social Media Accounts – Merely having a Twitter, Facebook and Google+ account/page for your business is insufficient — it is imperative that these accounts are managed too. Through ongoing development, we build your social media accounts in order to interact with customers and to increase your influence and engagement scores. If this is not done, those accounts may not be strong enough to outrank the postings if someone begins to post negative things.
  3. Writing Blogs – In terms of helping the company’s reputation, blogs provide a solid ‘home court’ ground where we can directly respond to any major assertions made about the company if necessary.

Our Reputation Management process includes the following elements – 

  1. Reputation measurement and reputation marketing
  2. Search engine optimization
  3. Online review management
  4. Social listening and social media marketing
  5. Customer experience management
  6. Employer branding